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Roxas City and Province of Capiz Hottest Tourist Attraction


                   Gray sands of Roxas

                             The latter of which is approximately 85 roads kilometers away from this city. Baybay beach has a unique gray sparkling sand. Every sunrise many joggers stop by to take a deep breath. Others walk a mile, take their cup of coffee while feeling the heat of the sand on barefoot. Some peole bury themselves in the sand while others enjoy swimming and dive in its calm water.


                    An Island of Humble Eminence 

                               An Island that looks like the boracay island because of its white shining sand. Olotayan island will haunt your stance, approaching you to step off the cerulean water just for a quench of seeing the white sand of the island.


                    The Good Luck Island

                                       Recently nicknamed "Good Luck Island" by tourism consultants, the place is believe to be a source of  luck for local fisher folk. A kilometer away from the shoreline of baybay beach. An Island is good for people who love diving.  


                     The Roxas City Museum

                                       A museum that full of unforgettable memories of the history of Roxas City. The Museum contains some antique things that use during the Spanish era and the time of Late President Manuel Roxas.
Roxas City and Province of Capiz Yearly Events


                                            Sinadya sa Halaran is the joint festival of the City of Roxas and Province of Capiz. It is celebrated every first weekend of December in commemoration of the feast of the Virgin of the Immaculate Concepcion who also happens to be Patroness of the City of Roxas. Sinadya sa Halaran boats of colorful activities like the grand parade of Festival, the Fluvial Parade, the lighted river floaters. There is also the traditional Seafood Festival and the grand pyrotechnic display. It is  celebrated on December 4-8 to commemorate the religious activities that embody the true Capizeno spirit.


                                          The Diwal is a rare bivalve found aboundantly along the coastal water of Roxas City and Capiz.  The Diwal Harvest Seafood Festival is held every 2nd weekend of July. Diwal is one of the seafood product of Roxas City and the Province of Capiz.